Nursing the DDN Way


Our People

Our team members are gifted people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the individuals they serve and those who care for them

Our Partners

The Agencies we work with are our partners we work together with them to solve common problems and make a positive difference.  

Our focus on quality improvement provides peace of mind for Agency Executive staff.

Our work with dozens of agencies provides a unique outside perspective

Our Process

Developed by our founders with over 20 years in DD Nursing, and constantly refined based on the input of our talented team  The DDN process maximizes care, prevents mistakes, and helps nurses and direct care staff to communicate and work efficiently

Our Portal

The DDN portal is an essential tool that makes our Nurses more efficient.  We custom built the DDN portal to meet the needs of our agency partners

The DDN Way

The DDN way is a code of conduct created by our team to explain the manner in which they do their daily work.  Our team is guided by the 4 key themes of the DDN Way:

  • People First
  • Take Responsibility
  • Work to solve problems
  • Embrace Innovation