Has your Nurse Gotten Cranky


You would be too if you hadn't gotten a full nights sleep in 2 years

Nurses caring for people with Developmental Disabilities never have down time

  • They work all day
  • They take after-hours calls 365 days a year
  • They take calls during their vacation 24 hours a day
  • They take calls at all hours, their sleep gets interrupted several nights a week
  • They don’t have the ability to step away from their professional responsibilities even when they need to focus on their family 
  • Everyone assumes the Nurse is always able to accept calls

Nurses who are on call in addition to their day job become overworked or burnt out.  Nurses who are overworked or burnt out

  • Are more prone to make mistakes
  • Begin to resent their jobs
  • Resentment manifests itself in negative interactions with staff and individuals
  • Don’t comprehensively document after-hours calls
  • Increased stress has a negative impact on their health 
  • Are far more likely to quit

Get Your Happy Nurse Back


The DDN On Call Solution lets your Agency Nurse shut off their phones to get well deserved rest.

  • Each day our team of  Triage Nurses begins taking calls at 5:00pm and remains on shift until 8:00am
  • The On Call Team takes calls 24 hours on Weekends and Holidays 
  • Your fully rested Nurse returns to work at 8:00am and can review progress notes from the previous evening

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