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Where we provide better care by fostering a supportive, innovative & rewarding environment where nurses can thrive.

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The DDN Difference

One of our great strengths is our specialized system designed to assist Nurses. We believe in finding the best nurses and giving them the tools to provide the greatest possible care.

Balance your priorities with ours…

At DDN we believe that high-quality nursing care is not just about providing excellent clinical care, but also providing the right balance between work and personal life.

Why Join the DDN Team?

Nurse took time off to attend a teacher meeting at her daughter's school.


Nurses have the flexibility to complete their work on their schedule. Our team has the flexibility to spend time at a child’s school or other important tasks and return to work without needing to take time off.


Team-Based Support

Each Nurse is part of a supportive team, help is just a phone call away. Teams are led by a Regional Nursing Director who encourages and supports the Nurses on their team.  DDN sponsors nurses in the pursuit of their CDDN designation by hosting study groups and paying for coursework.  DDN conducts regular learning sessions where knowledge is shared and frequent social events.

Female nurse doing a yoga pose in a yoga class.

Work-Life Balance

DDN nurses visit their assigned programs to provide weekly oversight of each individual. They review appointments, see that medications are provided, train other non-medical staff, and assess the individuals for changes. Their primary goal is to ensure that the individual is getting the care they need. At 5:00 they head home to be with their families. They sleep soundly knowing that the On-Call team will handle anything that comes up.


Our nurses are supported and appreciated!

Generous Benefits

Pay is only part of the compensation you will earn working for DDN Consulting. We offer a wide range of benefits and family-friendly flexibilities to meet the needs of you and your family. Learn More about insurance and continuing education opportunities.

Opportunity for Advancement

Over 80% of our Management Team joined DDN as Residential Nurses. Others have become Training Specialists and Nursing Managers.

Our Process

Developed by our founders with over 20 years in DD Nursing, and constantly refined based on the input of our talented team  The DDN process maximizes care, prevents mistakes, and helps nurses and direct care staff to communicate and work efficiently.

Our Portal

The DDN portal is an essential tool that makes our Nurses more efficient.  We custom-built the DDN portal to meet the needs of our agency partners.

“When you join teams that changes lives, yours will be the first. ”  — Todd Stocker

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